Missing you boys


Hi son.  I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for your 5th birthday.  I called your mom, but she wouldn’t take my phone call.  I couldn’t come because I didn’t know where you were.  I hope that you had fun, whatever you did that day.  I wish we were together.  Back here in America, there are so many things that I want to show you.  There are so many places I want to take you.

You have an energy and an independence that is much more American than it is Japanese.  I hope that you manage to hold on to that as you grow.  I hope that this experience doesn’t take that away from you.



You just turned 3 big guy.  It’s been just over 3 months since I was last able to see you.  I’m sure you have grown so much.  I wonder what you do now that your papa cannot be there?  By the time you can read this you will probably barely remember me.

Let me tell you son… you used to come crawl in to my lap,  have me put on a tv show and fall asleep.  That was your favorite place.   You’d come in.  I’d kick my feet up onto my desk.  We pick a show together.  And then you would fall asleep.

Usually your mother would come in and want to wake you up.  She’d insist that you had to be woken up and have a bath right then.  I’d always try to talk her out of it.  Ask her to let you sleep and tell her that I’d give you a shower in the morning.  Unfortunately, she liked her schedule more….

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Today is the beginning…

Today was probably my first truly productive day since my children were abducted 3 months ago.

I have decided that I will no longer be a victim of Japan’s cruel policies on child abduction.  Instead I will fight back!  Given Japan’s track record and apparent utter disregard for the “best interests” of children, I see no other option.  Although is is my wife’s actions, Japanese policy both enables and condones.

So things I did today:

  • Wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Japan
  • Wrote a letter to the White House
  • Met with a caseworker with my local Congressional Representative
  • Put up this website (which still needs a face lift)
  • Contacted the offices of both of my Senators
  • Contacted the State Department to remind them that they owe me a phone call
  • Wrote letters to half a dozen radio and news personalities

Japan may take my sons, but they won’t take them without a fight!

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