For My Sons

My Dearest Sons,

I am so sorry that this has happened to you.  Please know that I did not abandon you – you were taken.   Also, know that you did nothing wrong and are not to blame.   I love you both and hope with all my heart to be able to see you again someday.

Although I believe that your mother loves you, what she has done is wrong.  Unfortunately, the Japanese court system is currently very broken and will not protect you properly.  Many countries, including your real home of America, are trying to get Japan to fix it’s system.  I am doing my best to try to get support for protecting you and reuniting us.

I do not know how old you will be when you finally read this, but know that I am here for you.  Also, know that you were born in America and have American citizenship.  No matter what a Japanese court says, you will always be my sons and always be welcome home.   I do not know what stories your mother will have told you, but I assure you, that the only things that are true is that I love you and tried to keep our family together.

You have an entire family here in America that misses you and eagerly waits to see you again.  I will never give up on you.  I will do whatever I can for us to be reunited.

I love you boys,

Your Father.





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