This website is dedicated to my two American-born sons.

my sons - Kai and Koh

My sons - Kai and Koh

They were abducted by their Japanese mother in Japan in March of 2011 – shortly after the tsunami and earthquake took place.  Their mother cut off all communication and I have had no knowledge of them since that March.

My last conversation with my sons occurred when they got on their mother’s computer and somehow managed to click the correct combination of things to call me via Skype; and ask when I would be back with them… to which I told them to let their mother know that they wanted her to bring them back home to me.

I have never heard from them again….


I hope that this site will serve two purposes:

- To someday be a resource for my sons to find me, learn that they were taken from me and not abandoned, and to know that their father loves them dearly and wants nothing more then to be able to be there for them — no matter how long it takes.

- To make people aware of Japan’s institutionalized policies of child abuse in the form of supporting child abduction by a Japanese parent, the “legalized” removal the non-abducting parent completely from the life of the child, and the extreme prejudicial treatment of, and attitude towards, the non-Japanese parent.

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  1. Sooo sorry to hear that. I know how much you care about the kids and how hard you tried to make the marriage work.

  2. Jeff Bassetti says:

    When we talked last month… I was cringing before you uttered one word… worried that what you were about to tell me was that you were cut off from your kids… and my heart just sank when I heard you actually say it.

    I will do whatever I can to help buddy.

  3. Peter Guzman says:

    Recently and for a few months now, I have been thinking about you. I had a feeling that I needed to reach out to you. I apologize for not having done so. I am sorry for what you are going thru, I hope you see your son’s soon. Yes I will sign your petition and ask others to the same.

    Stay strong, as difficult as it maybe stay positive, look/find the good, continue to dream. You will find them.

    I will reach out to you over the next couple of days or reach out to me. I have a real hard time understanding the time difference with Asia, for latin america I totally understand it.

    A warm hug;


  4. Valerie says:

    I do not know you personally and then only through a distant connection.

    I can only imagine your pain.

    I will pray for you and your boys. I will ask for a change of heart and mind in their mother and for the 2 governments to work together to get these and many others home.

    God Bless.

  5. John Morton says:

    Patrick — I’m connected to you through a mutual friend. My heart goes out to you and your boys. I will pray for you and also for your trust in the Lord Jesus as helper to seeing your boys come back quickly & safely as well as heart change in your wife. I encourage you in this as there is only so much *we* can do. But God can do *all* things. I’m dearly sorry for this event in your life.


  6. Soo says:

    I am so, so very sorry.

    I am going to sign your petition and (if you don’t mind), I will pass it onto my friends and our colleagues and make sure they sign it.

    I’m sending prayers to you and your boys.


  7. Jon says:

    I don’t know how you are even able to get through the day. You responded to my post on XXX about how me and my wife are now divorcing. I at least still get to see my kids but only one weekend (1 day) and for me it is unbearable. I spend other days crying because I miss them so much. As I said on XXX, I am terrified if a push my wife by fighting with her in courts, but I am also terrified that she will move away and I will see my kids even less.

    I am fairly certain that she still wants me to be a father to them, even if she moves away because of job or whatever. Even know that would be horrible to see my kids even less, it is better then fighting her and possibly pushing her to move to Japan and not let me see them at all.

    I feel I am just stuck. I miss by boys so much.

    • pmcpike says:

      Hi Jon,

      Survival is tough. I have on days and off days. I manage best when I am fighting back.

      We must keep pressure on the US Government to push for Japan to stop the barbaric practice of condoning and supporting child abduction; to demand that Japan honor US Sovereignty but ceasing to aid Japanese citizens on kidnapping US children and fleeing US jurisdiction.

      We must also continue to raise awareness in the US and other countries to the actions of the Government of Japan, the lack of human rights for foreigners in Japan, the Japanese bureaucratic mechanisms which perpetuate parental alienation and other forms of child abuse.

      Time will ultimately solve the issue. But how much time it takes depends on our efforts.

      On the plus side… the continued efforts of parents, who’s children have been abducted, to maintain pressure on the Department of State (DoS) seems to be paying off. I think the DoS has accepted that this issue will not go away AND might even finally realize that the bureaucrats on the DoS “Japan Desk” were clueless, and that the Government of Japan has been taking them all for a ride. Yesterday in Tokyo, the Assistant Secretary of State, Dr. Kurt M. Campbell, met with the Government of Japan. In the after-meeting-press-briefing, our children where a predominate topic. Dr. Campbell also noted publicly that the Government of Japan hasn’t been meeting their commitments on this issue.


      Over the last several months, our children have gone from the virtual obscurity they have been hidden in during the past decades, to an increasingly dominate feature. However, we must maintain our vigilance to make ensure that it stays that way…

  8. Richard says:


    I sincerely hope that Japan has the decency to really change, rather than just pretend to the world that they are catching up with the times. My wife abducted my daughter very recently and to be honest I am still in a state of shock.

    Still early days, but people like us, just need to do our best and try our best to move on. We can never forget the kids that have been stolen from us, but I will use this to spur me to new heights. I will always be there for my daughter and I hope one day she will understand that.

    Great that you set up a website! Have you created e-mail address(s) for both boys? A friend of mine suggested this and if your wife does not share this information that is her own choice.

    Not to say two wrongs make a right, but I bet my bottom dollar that the only thing that will get my wife and parents attention is money. I would recommend setting up a child trust fund making a relative on your side, yourself and your boys at the only signatories. A mad mother would deprive you of a relationship with your kids, but she would not deprive them of money when they turn 18 and are able to properly make their own choices.

    You must take control! Key is to stop letting her call all the shots. They are your kids and yep, she can and probably would do just about anything to stop you from seeing your kids, but she will not deny them/ herself of your money.

    Child abductors in Japan and the families concealing this should be shamed! And not just through a march once per year in Tokyo with scribbles. Remember the days where you a picture on a milk cartoon of a missing kid??? well would be keen to look at other options similar to that – targeting the suburb/town/city that your child is in as well as the mother who has abducted the child.

    I have many Japanese friends, and in general I don’t blame the country, I blame the feudal legal system and the parents hiding behind it, making up lies.

    At the end of the night, at least you can sleep with a clear conscious, whereas though she may have your kids close by… some time in the future she will have nothing apart from your kids pity.

    You want their respect! Not their pity.

    Best of luck and really hope that you wife/ ex shows some sense, stops using the cultural card and actually remembers that her kids have a dad who is not Japanese and for them to really understand and recognise who they are, she deserves it to them that they get to know their dad.

    Shame on her!


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