Australia’s ABC News – Interviews Parent RYOMA TAKAHASHI

From: Australia’s ABC News - Foreign Correspondent’s Lastest Episode – Sayonara Baby (May 22, 2012)

WILLACY (Narrator): This custom of sole custody has torn apart parents and children from all corners of the world. But while local awareness of the issue is limited, Japanese do figure prominently among the victims. Every year 150,000 divorced Japanese parents join the ranks of the dispossessed.

WILLACY (Narrator): Ryoma Takahashi is one such parent and because of his profile, the recent abduction of his children has sparked media interest. His wife took their sons for a short break but never returned and the renowned local artist has now been frozen out of their lives.

WILLACY (Narrator): He’s trying desperately to win back his children but his wife has countered with a claim of domestic violence. The abuse? That Takahashi suggested his wife should give up work because of the stress it was causing her.


PROFESSOR COLIN JONES - Doshisha University Law School, Kyoto Japan

“Basically anything can be abuse [in the Japanese System]. Verbal abuse is covered…. financial abuse. I’ve seen literature which includes ignoring someone as a form of abuse” - PROFESSOR COLIN JONES – Doshisha University Law School, Kyoto Japan

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