ABC-AU – Brand New Story on Japan and Child Abductions

Screen capture from ABC AU story on the epidemic of child abductions to Japan - click to watch.

Screen capture ABC AU story – Japan is a safe haven for parental child abduction. Both Japanese and non-Japanese parents alike are using abduction to Japan to settle custody disputes or escape an already established court order, as Japan’s defunct and outdated legal system provides no mechanism to retrieve the children or provide for visitation. Fundamentally, the Government of Japan’s constant refusal to address the issues for over a decade demonstrates, if not complete moral acceptance, a definitive willingness to allow emotional child abuse at the hands of an abducting parent, who is obviously emotionally unstable. Especially once you understand that functionally this is also the method by which custody is determined within Japan. The parent which abducts the child, is all but guaranteed to have their actions “condoned” by the Japanese Courts – in the form of a Sole Custody Award

Japan proves safe haven for abducted kids

Japan has not signed the Hague convention so it’s becoming notorious as a safe haven for parents who abduct their own children after a relationship has broken down.

See the entire story here

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