Japan, Child Abduction and Hypocrisy…

An apt little article on BacHome.org  – a site to raise awareness of the plight of 300 U.S. citizen children kidnapped to (and wrongfully retained) in Japan.

Contrasting and demonstrating the hypocrisy of Japan vis-a-vis North Korea and Child abductions.  Read the article herehttp://bit.ly/pLGwD9

Returned Child Scoreboard comparing Japan and North Korea

Returned Child Scoreboard comparing Japan and North Korea

And while Japan continues to refuse the return of abducted US children or even to provide access to the children for the left behind parents… The Japanese government still asks the US for assistance in dealing with the handful of abducted Japanese children remaining in North Korea - Japan lawmakers urge no US food aid to N.Korea – Yahoo! News http://yhoo.it/nCpJe7  Have they no shame?


Japan is horrendous with regard to their record on child abduction: http://japan2.usembassy.gov/e/p/tp-20100122-85.html 


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