Sailing with my sons… in spirit

Dear Sons,

I went sailing a few days ago. I really wished that you were with me. You were both in my thoughts. It has always been my dream to take you boys for sailing adventures.

Kai (): You were named for the Ocean. To me, the ocean and the wind have always been healing. And sailing has always felt like freedom. I named you Kai because I hoped for you to always have that sense of life, freedom and passion that I always feel when sailing.

Kou (): I gave you the first Kanji in you name and your mother gave you the last. When the kanji are put together, to me it always meant “Ray of Hope”. And that is what you will always be for me… a ray of hope in my life.

I love you sons. You are in my thoughts every single day! I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. I still do not know where you are. Your mother still will not respond to me. I live everyday hoping that I can see you soon.

Take care my sons… wherever you are.

-Your Father.

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