Japanese Family Court

Hello My Sons,

Your mother is still refusing to let me see or speak with you. I have been told that I must wait two months before I can ask the Japanese court to ask your mom to let me see you. However, if your mom says no, I do not think that the court can actually make your mother let me see you. That is part of the problem with the Japanese system. You have rights to see your father. But the Japanese system will not protect your rights.

If your mom does agree to finally let me see you, I am told that I will have to wait another 2 months before I can see you. I will only be able to see you in a court visiting room for a short time. So, the earliest I can see you is in the middle of November. That will be 8 months since I last was able to speak with you.

If your mom still refuses to let me visit with you, I do not know when I will ever be able to see you.

Understand that this is very wrong. This is not how things should be. You should not be taken away from your father this way. The Japanese system is very broken. Many governments around the world are asking Japan to change. Many other children have aslo been stolen from parents.

Remember, you are Americans. When you are old enough to read and understand this, you can come home to me in America. That is your right. Unfortunately, right now your mother and the Japanese system are trying to deny you those rights. But you will always be welcome home.

I love you sons; with all my heart.

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