Today is the beginning…

Today was probably my first truly productive day since my children were abducted 3 months ago.

I have decided that I will no longer be a victim of Japan’s cruel policies on child abduction.  Instead I will fight back!  Given Japan’s track record and apparent utter disregard for the “best interests” of children, I see no other option.  Although is is my wife’s actions, Japanese policy both enables and condones.

So things I did today:

  • Wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Japan
  • Wrote a letter to the White House
  • Met with a caseworker with my local Congressional Representative
  • Put up this website (which still needs a face lift)
  • Contacted the offices of both of my Senators
  • Contacted the State Department to remind them that they owe me a phone call
  • Wrote letters to half a dozen radio and news personalities

Japan may take my sons, but they won’t take them without a fight!

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